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When you are in a situation where you need to borrow a loan, it is often because you need money to buy everything from home, car, consumer goods and the like. But it can be a jungle to find the right loans for exactly what you need to borrow money for, and especially if you are already on unemployment benefits or contact assistance and the money is small. Therefore, we have here made an overview of what kind of loans you should look at for your situation.


Home Loans


Home Loans

Mortgages are often some of the biggest loans you will get in your life, and here you should really be thorough when exploring the opportunities you have. There are incredibly many fall groups and it is not easy to figure out which options are best for you.

When you choose a home loan, you usually have to borrow a relatively large amount of money and where you get the best terms for this is usually in the bank if they thus approve your loan application. There you can get interest rates down to 3-4% in interest rates annually, which is hard to beat for the various loan providers.

But there are also some major loan sites that allow you to borrow, albeit with a little higher interest rate. If in doubt you can use the guide for the best loan and find one that suits your needs and requirements.





Consumer loans are usually some of the most expensive loans you can find at all, and therefore it can quickly become an expensive pleasure to record them. Often, consumer loans are relatively small amounts that can be used for phones, ipads, holidays and the like that one cannot afford at the moment of use. Therefore, the loan pages take some really high fees and interest, which sometimes exceed 600% in APR. Therefore, you have to be very careful about this kind of loan, and if you can be allowed to borrow the money in the bank, then it is clear that it is preferable.
However, the bank is not as interested in consumer loans if you have already taken up debt, so therefore some of these loan sites are often the only option if you absolutely need it.


Car Loans


Car Loans


Car loans are also one of the slightly expensive loans, but here you can also get interest rates that are very low and sometimes down to 1% in interest, if you choose the loans you can get from the dealers. But here is often a one-time payment to start the loan which is relatively expensive and that you cannot get a deduction for. Here you should go for just borrowing from the bank or the dealer and not elsewhere, as it can often be really expensive.

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Payday loans in foreign currency Tue, 19 Feb 2019 11:02:57 +0000 Po┼╝yczki w walutach obcych

At present, payday loans and credits in foreign currencies are not so commonly found. Years ago, however, they were very popular, for example in the case of payday loans. Can we still take out a payday loan in a foreign currency now? Is it profitable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of such payday loans?

Foreign currency payday loans and payday loans is an interesting proposition, but it has its drawbacks. We can take them, among others, in Euros (EUR), Pounds (GBP), Swiss Francs (CHF) or in Dollars (USD).

Products of this type were eagerly chosen a decade ago by people who want to build their home or buy a flat. At that time, they were most often provided, which, due to low interest rates, made it easier to get credit than in zloty. Now, probably everyone knows what the situation of “frankkowicz” looks like.

Foreign currency products were popular in Poland in general until the Swiss franc suddenly changed its rate to over two times higher. The simultaneous financial crisis caused to introduce restrictions related to granting payday loans and credits in foreign currencies.

Indexed payday loans – indexed in foreign currencies

At present, instead of foreign currency payday loans, payday loans are indexed in foreign currencies, ie indexed in relation to a foreign currency. They are not offered in a given currency, but they refer to a foreign currency and the exchange rate of a given currency then affects the amount of the installment. It is therefore a risky offer, but it can be profitable due to low interest rates.

Such payday loans and loans get them at selected banks, but only if certain requirements are met. A fairly high own contribution of usually between 20% and 30% is required, as well as high creditworthiness.

For holders of payday loans and credits in foreign currency

In Poland, however, there are a lot of people who have payday loans and credits in foreign currencies drawn years ago. These are mainly mortgages in the Swiss franc for the construction of a house or the purchase of an apartment.

Such people often have to deal with the problem of a much higher installment than at the time of borrowing. They have the option of converting the payday loan into zloty, but it may not be profitable – the installment may become even higher. An alternative choice is to pay installments in the original currency, in this case the Swiss franc. Now it is much easier thanks to online exchange offices – with them we can save up to several dozen zlotys on one installment.

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Already every fourth loan is awarded online Mon, 04 Feb 2019 02:56:52 +0000

Online loans are still on the rise. More than 27 percent of loans in Germany are already being granted over the Internet – and there is no end in sight for this trend.

The next steps are already visible today: borrowing via app, from anywhere, just by smartphone? Many banks and credit intermediaries are already working on it. And seven percent of customers would like to use such a possibility today.

Just five years ago, the proportion of Germans using apps for their finances was only five percent. Today it is already almost 30 percent. And in a few years, it should be quite normal to complete banking completely off the road and to get a loan literally during lunch break or while waiting for the train. Even today, more than a quarter of consumers refuse classic bank appointments – after all, you can also get a loan online. The share of Internet loans has risen from 21 to 27 percent within two years, as a recent study by the XYZ on behalf of the Bankenfachverband shows.

Many good reasons speak for online loans. The two most important ones are: speed and low interest rates.

When it comes to speed, nobody is bothering the established providers of online financing. For example, if there is a credit, an immediate check will take place immediately after the request. You will see the result on your screen after just a few seconds. If the preliminary exam is positive, our experienced credit experts take the helm and find the best loan for you. These negotiations with up to 20 banks are often completed within a few hours. You will then receive your personal loan offer by mail without a second time delay. At the same time, the documents are also sent to the post office, so that you usually have the signature contract in the mailbox the very next day. You then return the signed documents, pass through your bank details – and have shortly thereafter the loan amount in the account.

If you compare the terms of your financing with other offers, you find out: Online you get your money not only fast, but also cheap. Surely you can imagine that Internet banks have much lower costs than “classic money houses” with expensive buildings in the banking district and several branches and the employees sitting there. Online providers can therefore operate profitably with lower interest rates and offer you, as borrowers, correspondingly more favorable offers. That’s why online loans are often cheaper, for example, compared to house bank loans.

And another important reason for a loan request via the Internet: With reputable and bank-independent loan brokers like Gandalf Credit you are not on a single bank credit set – but you can take your loan where it is most attractive to you. And you have a fair chance of credit even if the house bank has already declined. Because in the round of the partners of Gandalf Credit are also institutes, which forgive loans for example with negative credit score – up to financings completely without credit score.

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